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My goal is to create beautiful portraits in a comfortable relaxed environment and to make your photo session enjoyable! I like to capture your images with natural light in a setting such as your back yard or a local park where you and your children will be comfortable while you are interacting with each other. In most of these pictures you will have people looking at each other and not at the camera. These pictures are not posed and are the ones that best reflect your family’s personality.

We usually work for 45 minutes to an hour or as long as the kids last. I am a mom myself and I understand small children need special time. I will never hurry you along and we can take the time needed to be sure that we get a good sampling of portraits for you to choose from. Try to schedule your appointment for a time that your children will be happy and rested.

It would be best if we can talk in detail about the session and what your expectations are beforehand. I like to know the ages of the persons I will be photographing, their names and something special about them because it helps me keep a conversation with them and keep their attention while we are taking the pictures. It is easier to look natural when you are just talking to somebody than when you are being told to smile to a stranger. This is especially important with children! I want your portraits to be unique, for that reason I don’t provide the props. I can advise you the best places to find them but it is your responsibility to bring them to the session.
Once you have confirmed the date and time of your appointment, I will send you an e-mail with details that will help you prepare for your photo session.  I will also attach few documents for you to print, read and sign. It would be best if you fill out these forms at home and bring them with you the day of your appointment.

There is a $50 nonrefundable fee to formalize your appointment (You need to make this payment to secure your appointment day and time). You can make it through a PayPal link in my website or mail it. Once your images are ready I will send you a link to your password protected gallery for you to see the best pictures from the session before they are edited, and so decide which photographs and how many you would like to purchase. Gallery prices start at $200 for 20 edited images. Once you decide which your favorite portraits are, I will start the process of editing them and they will take 2-3 weeks to prepare (this might take a little longer during the busy holiday season). Once ready, you can purchase your gallery as digital download directly to your computer, as well as professional prints and other printed material through this website as well as share your images with family and friends. While I make every effort to ensure your complete happiness and satisfaction with your portraits, due to the unique nature of custom portraiture, all sales are final.

I look forward to the opportunity of working with you. Please call me when it is convenient for you or email me and we can go over the details.


Marcela Kline

Gallery prices are:

$200 for 20 edited images*
Individual downloads $25 each

*Prices effective since August 1st, 2014.

Printed Material:
Your can purchase a wide variety of printed products thought our website. These are the prices for the most popular items:
4X6: $5
5X7: $7
8X10: $10
8 Wallets: $10
Postcards: $3
20 Photo Stickers: $8

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